Oscar Muñoz – Retrospective

Oscar Muñoz at Phoenix Art Museum 2021

Like many retrospectives, chronology dictates the flow of the work and we start with intense figure drawings in black and white. Learning to draw in school is learning illusion and acquiring an ability make marks on a page look like full round life-like forms. These drawings show the Muñoz can do just that. What else do we see that fools us? Step along through this show and we will find out

Adam Pendleton

Adam Pendleton silkscreen print of Sol Lewitt's water imagery on reflextive material.

Museum of Contemporary Art Denver – July 15 – Sept. 25, 2016 – Becoming Imperceptible — Just the blacks of B&W photographs covered a few walls when the MCA Denver opened on July 15th with a party, a party not everyone standing in line was able to join. It was crowded with colorfully dressed folks and when…