Oscar Muñoz – Retrospective

Oscar Muñoz at Phoenix Art Museum 2021

Like many retrospectives, chronology dictates the flow of the work and we start with intense figure drawings in black and white. Learning to draw in school is learning illusion and acquiring an ability make marks on a page look like full round life-like forms. These drawings show the Muñoz can do just that. What else do we see that fools us? Step along through this show and we will find out

Bell and Video Matters

Panorama image of Larry Bell show at Harwood 2018

— Harwood Museum of Art — Taos, NM — Opening June 9 – I grabbed for the pencil – the sign said “Do Not Touch!” — so I was not really going to touch. Was I? When I got close, the pencil rose off the paper and scared me. You can watch my video and…

Adam Pendleton

Adam Pendleton silkscreen print of Sol Lewitt's water imagery on reflextive material.

Museum of Contemporary Art Denver – July 15 – Sept. 25, 2016 – Becoming Imperceptible — Just the blacks of B&W photographs covered a few walls when the MCA Denver opened on July 15th with a party, a party not everyone standing in line was able to join. It was crowded with colorfully dressed folks and when…

Site Santa Fe – retelling old shows

Terry Allen video MemWars at Site Santa Fe 2016

Santa Fe, New Mexico – March 19 – May 22, 2016. Terry and Jo Harvey Allen take turns telling stories from giant video projections from both sides of gallery room of which the central wall – the one you walk toward on entrance – is occasionally occupied by a man whose back is to us,…

Brian Bress: MCA Denver

Denver — FEBRUARY 20, 2016 – JULY 3, 2016 — From T minus 10 years to something good. These photographs are pretty representative of Bress’ work – his most recent work – which captured my eyes for longer than was good for them.  The image in the background – let’s call it the secondary layer…

Face to Face – Denver & Mexico Studio Swap

detail of Melissa Furness installation at McNichols Vis-a-Vis Exhibition

Vis-à-vis @McNichols Building July 15- July 26 Four artists and months of work fill the third floor of the McNichols building in a show called Vis-à-vis. There is plenty of physical space between the works, and it is pleasantly filled with the conceit that two artists from Denver would swap studios with two artists from…

James Nares : Street – Joslyn Art Museum

Still from Street

Omaha – June 21 to September 21, 2014 – James Nares video engulfs you as you step inside the Contemporary Artists Project gallery – an open and not- claustrophobic smaller gallery cut out from  the big temporary exhibitions space. The video sucks you in like a dream. You are watching from the point of view…