Oscar Muñoz – Retrospective

Oscar Muñoz at Phoenix Art Museum 2021

Like many retrospectives, chronology dictates the flow of the work and we start with intense figure drawings in black and white. Learning to draw in school is learning illusion and acquiring an ability make marks on a page look like full round life-like forms. These drawings show the Muñoz can do just that. What else do we see that fools us? Step along through this show and we will find out

New Territory

Pivot Irrigation #10, High Plains, Texas Panhandle, USA by Edward Burtynsky

Landscape Photography Today – Denver Art Museum – June 24 -Sept 16, 2018 – Some technically, difficult-to-make photographs hang on the tall museum walls along with some photos I know would be physically hard to take, along with some that are here by a whisper of good luck. Matthew Brandt – Lake Isabella CA TC2,…

Biennial Alert – Review 2016

Margarita Cabrera's Space in Between from SITE Santa Fe biennial 2016

SITE Santa Fe — To prepare ourselves for a new biennial exhibition at SITE we send up a short conversation with Margarita Cabrera regarding her project called “Space in Between” that was featured in the 2016 exhibition. SITE opens a new biennial August 4, 2018. Since I interviewed Ms. Cabrera she’s shown this project in…