Mark Mothersbaugh at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

Myopia: a retrospective of a Devo founder Oct. 30, 2014 - April 12, 2015 Denver – The tickets for the opening gala or members preview were as pricey as a walk-up lift ticket, so

Judy Chicago Retro at Redline

Enter Redline – a contemporary art space in Denver – and swim through years of work by Judy Chicago, who having reached the grand old age of 75 is this year being feted with

James Nares : Street – Joslyn Art Museum

Omaha – June 21 to September 21, 2014 – James Nares video engulfs you as you step inside the Contemporary Artists Project gallery – an open and not- claustrophobic smaller gallery cut out from 

MCA Denver & Aspen Art Museum – Just Do It

Ernesto Neto – Gratitude – June 6 to Sept. 7, 2014 – Aspen Art Museum Matt Barton – I Think I Feel Something – July 25 to Oct. 5, 2014 – MCA Denver Located

Beyond Pop Art at the DAM -

Denver – July 10, 2014. You have to be inhuman to not GET an artist when you see a good retrospective. When you see the work of Tom Wesselmann at the Denver Art Museum

Infinity of Architecture

Large or Small? Junya Ishigami BORDEAUX- arc en rêve centre d’architecture – A docent accosted us the minute we entered the ante-room to the gallery – the pieces are very fragile, she said, and eyeballed

SIGMA Archive Awakened

Nov 14, 2013 – February 3, 2014 The Archive Comes Alive in Retrospective Exhibition BORDEAUX – Every idea has already been had, we’re just reinventing the same ones. This was a commonly said phrase

David Hockney: a Bigger Exhibit

Fall 2013-Winter 2014 SAN FRANCISCO – I don’t know if he should have gone so big, I said when I saw the first painting that was 32 average-sized canvases and covered an entire wall

Carny Show at C. Springs Fine Art

Pamela Joseph’s Sideshow of the Absurd Oct. 12, 2013 – Jan. 12, 2014 Drawings and sculptures with that ‘something’s-not-right’ quality that is what always comes to mind when I hear Woody Allen in (movie

Poems and Pictures

Heinrad Bäcker – September 27 to January 5, 2014. Photographs of details: like a loop of metal in a landscape – like remnants of the mining era in the Colorado mountains – are printed