James Nares : Street – Joslyn Art Museum

Still from Street
Still from Street

Omaha – June 21 to September 21, 2014 – James Nares video engulfs you as you step inside the Contemporary Artists Project gallery – an open and not- claustrophobic smaller gallery cut out from  the big temporary exhibitions space. The video sucks you in like a dream. You are watching from the point of view of someone driving along the street viewing everyone on the sidewalk.

The scenes on the street are ordinary but we see them in such slow motion we feel the dreamlike attraction, and the freedom to inspect every thing, every person, every interpersonal interaction.  And people being filmed often look to the camera – they let us look at them.

Street, the name of this piece, is a gift.  The entire piece is an hour long, but follow this link for 2-minutes of Street.