Colorado Denver Sculpture

Tara Donovan

Field Work – MCA Denver – September 22, 2018–January 27, 2019

Images from Tara Donovan: Field Work

Tara Donovan wall of straws

wall of straws, view to index card totems

Tara Donovan index cards

detail of index card totems

Tara Donovan mylar ribbons

Mylar ribbon jungle

Tara Donovan mylar circle on wall detail

detail of Mylar circles on wall

Mylar circles on wall

Tara Donovan pin drawings and straw structures

straw structures and pin drawing

Tara Donovan tar paper

tar paper pile

Works of chance.

Bone of an idea gets built by raising multiples of the same item.
Repetition: here’s a pantoum, a tender button.
Materials transcend themselves.
The one individual goes away.
Light is the identifying force that completes a work.
What’s the adhesive? The stuff becomes opposite itself.
So reflection amplifies what the material already does.
‘I make them small and imagine them big.’
Make until it works, except sometimes
the good happens first. Then go back and make them bad.
A different situation when you compete with the sky.
Material seems to be able to regenerate on its own.
Explore a material, find the solution
and move to a different material.
Print is a way to make a drawing.
Multiples of one material.
Eight iteration of tar paper piles.
‘I move volunteers around so no signatures show up.’
Mechanized work without the luxury of using a machine.
It always starts with play but it’s not always fun.
‘I tend to have an empty space and start with that.’
Banning the use of single use plastic in the EU in 2019.
We’re desperate to save what we have.
-found poem from Tara Donovan talk Nov 8, 2018


Tara Donovan wall of straws

Slinky structure from above

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