Three Women Protest Artists

New Mexico Museum of Art. Poetic Justice: Judith F. Baca, Mildred Howard, and Jaune Quick-to-See-Smith. October 19, 2021-June 19, 2022

I’m writing this for my friend who couldn’t get to see the show before it closed June 19.
Here’s a video of Mildred Howard’s train. We waited, and so will you.

What I want to tell my friend:

Baca’s work is most often seen in murals in Los Angeles, and while I didn’t recognize her name, or the work I was looking at in the gallery, when I saw pictures of the murals I remembered having seen her work. Interesting where that memory was lying. And for how long?

My friend isn’t able to see this show, so I take pictures hoping to show them to her and talk about these artists whenever we can. Has she seen Baca’s work, or does another mural come to mind? And would she have waited for Mildred Howard’s train to move? I know she knows Jaune Quick-to-See Smith’s work. A very non-political terrazzo floor at the Denver Airport. Public art can offend no one or it will not be left in public. Her work here is political. And feminine and very photograph-able. I’m glad I can look at these images again, and again.

Photos of the Exhibition

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