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The Incompletable Spot Paintings

Spot Paintings for the Ninety-Nine Percent

Imcompletable Damien Hirst
by Terry Talty
Feb. 14, 2012

Incompletable Spot Paintings, Tin Shop, Breckenridge
The Incompletable Spot Paintings from the Tin Shop Breckenridge, 2012.

Unlike Damien Hirst’s work being shown at 11 Gagosian Galleries around the world, the virtual spot paintings are available to anyone with a modern Internet browser – one that supports HTML5. To see all these spot iterations, viewers don’t need a jet-set bank account. No need to get on a plane, just on the Internet.

Limitless Idea Project presents the Incompletable Spot Paintings, online at Interact with 11 galleries – a gallery for each arrangement of colored spots – and their inexhaustible random color combinations.

A new painting appears each time the screen is refreshed, and so viewers can easily see as many, or more, combinations of spots than Hirst painted.

Colored circles may seem like a simple subject, but Hirst spent the past 25 years painting them. And hundreds of them are being shown in multiple exhibitions this year.