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Max Cole: Endless Journey

My response at the second viewing, post opening night, of this work.

Please do not touch, mind
Returned, not re-enacted.
Yesterday, a dead end
in the last room of paintings
All made In the current year.
Hand drawn lines like a penmanship exercise
Obviously, communication from an isolated working human
The dead end room flocked with decorative geometry
Today, we’re directed to the cross, square shyingly vertical
Yesterday, an Opening out in the world together again
Today, alternatives to oral communication as connectivity
in the world of hard working isolated human
One alone brown not black. One army green.

Please Do Not Touch

2.Another Max Cole

Tonalist landscape is his favorite mode of sharing his love
with the world, he can paint anything
the artistic ether determine what wants to be brought into existence
No planning is ever done.

3. the SITE site

Max Cole: Endless Journey
“Art is something that has to be lived. It is long and there are no shortcuts.”
-Max Cole

Featuring a selection of paintings and works on paper spanning 1962-2022, Endless Journey surveys over six decades of Cole’s ongoing career including many never-before-seen works. Cole’s iconic paintings invite viewers on a meditative journey through her lifelong investigation of rhythmic repetitive line and composition. The exhibition features over 30 works, including significant loans from the Tia Collection, Santa Fe and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.

Written like music or poetry, Cole’s lines are records of movement, keepers of time. The slight variation in each hand-made mark creates a visual echo that vibrates across the canvas creating a visceral and immersive experience for the viewer.

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