Bookmaking Sculpture

Seattle Art – Outdoors

The largest most well-known sculpture in Seattle is the Space Needle built for the 1962 Worlds Fair. We took the monorail built for that fair, which feels a little dated today, out to the park surrounding this Eiffel Tower of Seattle.

Another evening, we walked from our hotel to this landmark and over to the ocean where there is a museum of outdoor art – a park where you can walk along a path on a hill through sculpture or along the shore.

Leaving a Book in Seattle at the Frye

We’re dressed for rain and experience plenty of it and felt wonderful walking around Seattle even if it was cold when it wasn’t raining on us. Discovering an outdoor public sculpture made the walking even more entertaining.

Before we arrived in the northwest, we made a series of three books with some poetry, blank pages for a travel journal and a series of drawings that Steuart made for each book. We made the books to be left in a bookstore, in an art museum, hoping to find someone that likes art and books who will pick one of our books out of the stacks and take it home – as is explained in the first section of the book. These books are part of our project called Book Drop.

Obviously we could not find a place to leave the book at the outdoor museum, and so we visited the Frye.

Steuart between videos of the dance work by Donald Byrd Company

Donald Byrd: The America That Is To Be – we were lucky enough to see a performance by the company that has called Seattle home since 2002.

Also on this trip we visited the Seattle Art Museum to see a show of paintings from the Neapolitan museum.

The SAM has a great collection of contemporary art, and we were thrilled to find Ed Rucha’s book of “Records” in it. We have the same book.

The bookstore in this museum has no bookshelves. They have one knee high pedestal of books about as big as our dining room table, with books in stacks. I slipped one of our books in a stack of like colored books – red ones. I wonder if it will be more likely to be found because this display method, or more likely to be tossed?

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