Donna Altieri

On March 1, 2015, we interviewed Donna Altieri at Ironton Gallery (Ironton Studios & Gallery) in the RiNo area of Denver, Colorado.

Still Photos

Limitless Views for a Limitless Magazine

Double Exposures

Limitless Views for a Limitless Magazine

Artist Statement

It all started with a Minolta 101, a college graduation gift that educated me to observe the world through a viewfinder. Get hip to my trip, get tangled in my double and triple exposures of the 1960s streets of New York with so much to see at once, and my 1970s-1980s experiments in color manipulation in times without computer tricks. Travel on my journeys, peek into my encounters, and enjoy my storytelling images, all done full frame, always the old school way. Photography has kept my diary for over 50 years, and now I have the privilege of sharing some pages with you. — Donna Rae Altieri, 2015

Brief Bio

DenverFifty years in your Face, photographs by Donna Rae Altieri, will be at Ironton until April 4, 2015.

Altieri grew up in Connecticut, graduated from Connecticut College for Women, received a masters degree in Irish and English literature from Columbia University and moved to Boulder in the '70s. She's lived in Colorado ever since. Donna is currently on the board of the Colorado Photographic Arts Center and a small business owner, Altieri Instrument Bags.

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